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My professional experience in TV started when I was recruited in an Art School where I taught. As I am a hyper-organized artist, I quickly made my reputation and was asked more and more in the sequences of episodes. In this fast-paced work environment, I provided solutions on a dime and camera/production people never waited for me. The cameras must roll!


DESIGNER & ART DIRECTOR for 55 episodes of home makeovers. On top of designing the space, for each episode I created 5 DIY projects that homeowners would do with host. I also did not refrain from moving walls and therefore was reprimanded.



PRODUCTION DESIGNER for a designers contest in reality show format. I designed a 7000 sq ft house, with all design projects to be assigned, which was built in 4 month with a TV production team of 30+ people on the construction site.

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25+ years experience

Tailored Expertise From Portfolio Optimisation To Retail & Showroom Experiences and Interior Design & Styling For Residential, Commercial, Retail & Hospitality.