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Great design engages in deeply valuable ways that are positively transformative. Regardless of personal tastes and styles, I believe that every home should be a safe haven in a world of relentless stimulation. My appreciation for simplicity and sophistication allows for the integration of minimalism; where we focus on the essence of things and eliminate the superfluous.


Tremblant House

Tremblant House is a spacious 8000 sq ft built on top of a mountain. The owner wanted minimalist modern design that we played with noble materials. To learn about Tremblant House


Westmount house

Westmount house has a whimsical feel to it. The idea with the renovation was to give this generic looking house some character. The laser cut jungle stair railing was an important element to set the tone.


Magog house

Magog house is a humble centenary cottage located on a lush green land with river and cliffs. Owner wanted to recreate the farmhouse look with a modern twist, hence the farm sink in the kitchen.

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Brompton Lake House

The timeless design is the product of its use. With the client being a retiree, the vision was to create an environment that highlighted the peace and serenity of its location whilst remaining comfortable and familiar.

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