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Connecting people to spaces in unforgettable ways is one of my specialties. Bringing a space to life in a way that attracts and maintains a spectator’s attention is part of its wonder. Whether it’s for the theater, an opera, a circus, or any other performance, all stages require a set for the artists/comedians to perform. My experience and artistic flair, alongside an extensive repertoire work with engineers, architects, carpenters, welders, etc., have empowered Anne Cote Design with the ability to transform conceptualizations into a reality.

Vege wall O Bellagio

Vege wall O Bellagio. Design, sculpture and patina of the forest branches. For more information click


Coupole O Bellagio

Coupole O Bellagio. This large ellipse project started with a very simple request.For more information click


Large Snail Mystere Treasure Island

Large Snail Mystere Treasure Island. This was a cute and fun project.For more information.


Sphinx Opera

Sphinx Opera Aida. Just had to show that one too. One of my first scenic project.

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