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Ceratec needed help to stand out from the crowd. In today’s world, having a good product and services is not good enough. From good, we brought Ceratec visual presentation to absolutely amazing. The new showroom I designed include an award winning display we call landau. I ensured all the engineering requirements with by using sturdy, folded, laser cut metal sheet and therefor was able to create a much more seductive looking display with gracious curves. Along with lifestyles images I also created moodboards to enhance and present the tiles in a refined but also a striking style.

Color is key and dynamic. Trends in color change and Anne’s eye for color and trends served us well in a number of mandates she had with us, including Corporate colors in a rebranding exercise which you can experience when visiting our website. Participation in selecting colors for a subway tile series. And the creation of dozens and dozens of mood boards. And these are obvious. She was an integral part of a rebranding mandate given to Copp. She designed an award winning display called Landau which was recognized by The Grands Prix du Design 2021!

Paul Raiche, President at Ceratec inc.

Anne Côté Design was recognized with the prestigious GRAND PRIX DU DESIGN for our groundbreaking display concept that was created for the project. The concept proved its innovative prowess by veering away from the standard materials and techniques used in making displays and reimagined a more durable and stylish display concept. The ‘Landau’ case was built with powder-coated metal using laser cutting and folded metal to introduce innovative curved shapes while assuring all engineering metric requirements and functionality requests were addressed.

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